Offering these courageous individuals and their families the opportunity to complete their cycle of service through provision of a well-defined continuum of educational services, Veterans Institute of Training and Technology is the premier comprehensive resource for veterans in the United States.

  • Committed to partners success!

  • Fostering collaborative teamwork!

  • We value our partners mission!

As veterans, partnering allows us to assist in breaking down language barriers between the military structure and Corporate America. This unity of effort will enable civilians, business professionals, and veterans better understand each other as they transition and seek employment in the workforce.

Partnering will allow business professionals and nonprofit organizations to promote social change surrounding our veterans.

Integrity, respect, selfless service and commitment to excellence in all we do in support of veterans, spouses, and the community is in keeping with the core values of our partnership.

“…bridging the gap between public education and corporate America.”
Vision: To supplement urban public education by bridging the gap between the education system and working/corporate America.
Mission: To provide educational programs taught by professionals in  business areas that will enhance standard educational curriculums.
Target: Students from 8th grade thru adult education centers;  however, there will be programs that will appeal to all grade levels  and adults (i.e., workshops). Plus: Opportunities for compensation either in the term of  employment, scholarship, and/or additional professional development courses or exposure. Website coming soon!