Bernard L. Smith, VITT CEO
Education: M.S., Public Administration, B.S., Information Management, B.S. Business Administration
Certifications: CCIE, CCAI, CCNP, MCSE
Experience: Civilian: 10+ years, Military: 20+ Army (Retired, Lieutenant Colonel, Signal Command Officer)
Specialty: Networking Management
Email address:

Oladuton Ayodeji, Sr. Network Engineer
Education: B.S. Internetworking
Certifications: CISSP, CCNP, CCAI
Experience: Civilian: 10+ years, Military: 6+ Army (Retired, Enlisted SGT, Signal Technician)
Specialty: Telecommunication/Networking
Email address:

Diane M. Benjamin, Sr. Systems Engineer
Education: M.S., Computer Systems Management, B.S. Computer Systems Engineering; Paralegal Certificate
Certifications: Security+, CeH, CCAI, CCNA
Experience: Civilian: 20+ years; Military 26+ Army (Active, Chief Warrant Officer, Signal Command Officer)
Specialty: Large-scale Systems Design
Email address: dbenjamin@vittic,org

Willie Williams, Sr. Network Engineer
Education: M.S., B.S. Information Management
Certifications: CCIE, CCAI
Experience: Civilian: 20+ years, Military: 20+ Army (Retired, Enlisted SFC, Signal Technician)
Specialty: Telecommunication/Networking
Email address:

Richard Roth, Sr. Network Engineer Consultant
Education: B.S., Business Management
Certifications: CCAI, CCNA, CEH, CASP, ITL Intermediate, FITSE SI Designer
Experience: Civilian 11 + years, Military 32 + Army (Chief Warrant Officer, Signal Command Officer)
Specialty: Information Systems Integrations and Design Architect
Email address:

Frankie Mason, Sr. Network Engineer
Education: A.A. Computer Science and Information Systems
Certifications: CCAI, CCNP, CCNA, CASP
Experience: Civilian: 14+ years, Supporting DLA, DOD and Wounded Warrior Program
Specialty: Telecommunication/Networking
Email address:

Assistant CCNA Instructors

Daniel Gonzalez, Information Management Officer/Instructor Pilot
Education: A.A Information Systems
Certification: CCNA
Experience: Military 21 + years Army (Chief Warrant Officer, Aviation Command)
Specialty: Software development/Instructor Pilot/Information Management Officer
Email address:

Andre Hughes II, Network Engineer
Education: B.S. Information Systems, A.A.S, Intelligence Operation
Certification: CCNA, Security+ (CE)
Experience: Civilian 4+ years, Military 9+ years (Intelligence Analyst, Network Engineer)
Specialty: Tier 3 Network Engineer, INSCOM
Email address:

PMP Instructor

Jasmin DeCourcey, Senior Program Manager
Education: M.S. Education, B.S. Social Work
Certifications: PMP, ITIL V.3, DHS Senior Program Manager
Experience: Civilian 15 + years Project Management practices and process improvement strategies
Specialty: Senior Program Manager (PMO)
Email address: